Tech Hiring Remains Hot in 2016

Screenshot 2016-01-20 09.26.11Finding Tech candidates is very challenging and will not get any easier in 2016.  According to Robert Half survey 22% of CIO’s intend to expand their teams in the first six months of 2016.   Additionally, 63% said that they currently were hiring for open positions.  Only 2% said that they had plans to reduce their staff.   What’s the best way to find the tech candidate in the New Year?  We asked one of our favorite Tech Recruiters and our CEO Mike O’Brien.

“The days of applying for jobs via the big job boards are over. Candidates don’t want to create profile and enter all of their personal information. Everyone uses Google now and the team makes sure my job ads are easily seen by candidates. They either appear on the first page of a Google search or in a highlighted ad. Proactive recruiting IS the future of recruiting for Tech Jobs,”  said Jason Matuska,  a Senior Technology Recruiter with TalentLinc.

Mike O’Brien,’s CEO, commented, “It continues to be about relationships and sourcing.  Great recruiters are able to build long term relationships and source new candidates through networking and communication tools because they provide real value.  They are of service and when they call a potential candidate the phone call is happily received.  They positively affect the trajectory of a tech career. ”

A tighter job market means your candidates will have many choices if they are actively applying to jobs.  Putting together a passive candidate strategy is another way to stay ahead.  “You need to work on building talent pools of candidates before you need them,” said Nick Jimenez, COO of, “and continue to be seen as an asset to the candidates career.”

Whatever your strategy, you must have one to execute. has tools to help you execute a strategy that  will help you source hard to find candidates through email and job distribution.

CatalystFive becomes!

360x90 postings-com logoIt’s just that simple.  We are more focused than ever on being the best place online to post jobs.  We believe rebranding to will help our clients better understand what it is we actually do.  We know how to buy job postings that will deliver high quality candidates while saving you money using analytics. We will continue to offer best-in-class software to manage and communicate with candidates, while remaining compliant with federal EEOC and OFCCP laws.

Welcome to

LinkedIn Company Pages – They’re Here

We have just completed the ability to post jobs and updates to not only a clients status feed but also their company page!  The posts look great and preform two important tasks.  They keep your LinkedIn company page looking fresh with great content and help attract passive candidates.   Do you manage two company pages on LinkedIn?  We give you the ability to choose which you wish to post to!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.17.43

We Win Again! Search Platform of the Year!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 11.52.48

With more and more job seekers turning to professional agencies to help them to find their next perfect role and, likewise, increasing numbers of businesses and organisations putting their trust in the hands of personnel placement specialists, things have never looked brighter for the worldwide recruitment industry.

The 2015 Recruitment Awards were all about recognising the tireless work carried out by the often-overlooked companies and individuals who play such a vital role in helping firms around the world to ensure that they employ only the brightest and best talent to help propel them forward. Throughout the programme, we sought to highlight and reward the achievements of the best consultants, recruiters and employment experts around the globe, without whom, many firms would be unable to find and place the people and skills that allow them to move forward.

These awards were given out on merit alone, meaning that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals have been awarded. Each nomination received was subject to a rigorous and in-depth judging process, meaning that all successful nominees, yourself included, can be safe in the knowledge that they are truly among the very best in their field.…/the_recruitment_awards_2015

CatalystFive Wins Huge Award!

Screenshot 2015-09-02 12.54.50

It feels good.  Most of the time we keep our head down writing software and putting together new partnerships to improve candidate quality while decreasing costs. We are rewarded when our clients write us nice notes or give us great ratings.   But, when I received the email this morning letting us know that we had won the Small Business Excellence Award I was moved.  It was the first award the we have won since we upgraded our hiring solution.

They recognized our ease of use, user design and overall innovation in our space.  It made a good morning a great day!

You and Your Wasted Time

Screenshot 2015-08-26 17.18.03I have been an entrepreneur since the time I was 12.

That was when I started my first computer consulting company. I was lucky, my Dad worked with computers in his small business and I was free labor.   I absorbed everything I could about the MSDOS operating system and was soon traveling by bike all over to setup hardware and install software.  I was an expert.

Since then I have observed the single biggest mistake I see business leaders and entrepreneurs making.  They waste time on tasks that are outside their core competency in favor of perceived savings. I completely understand the psychology of it,  they believe the have unlimited time and limited resources to solve problems. They prefer to figure it out.   “Why would I pay someone to do something that I can figure an do for myself?  I have unlimited time, I can simply work 12 hours today and save the $100 I would have had to pay someone to come and do it for me,” they reason.     But they rarely consider opportunity costs and the real possibility that you will have to hire the professional anyway.

This is just plain broken.  It is akin to a single person building the Model T Ford compared to the specialized benefit of the assembly line. There are very few people whose learning curve would allow them to master a new specialized skill at a financial cost savings. Could you imagine completing quarterly tax withholdings now by hand since the advent of automated filing? I remember how painful they were to complete.

We see these types of mistakes everyday in the hiring process.  We speak with small business owners and key decision makers who waste time and money manually posting jobs to free job boards expecting to hire “A” talent.  We see 50mm businesses without software to manage resumes and instead write comments on paper resumes that end up in the circular filing cabinet.  We see them skipping background checks to rule out potential problems, or simply not following EEOC compliance.

CatalystFive was built to simplify the hiring process and remove the risks associated with wasting money on miss-targeted job boards.  Now we also offer one click electronic background checks and manual craiglist postings in both free and paid cities.  Overall a dedicated user of CatalystFive is saving 11 to 12 hours a week over a person manually completing the same job.  This is not to mention the cost savings on the job postings alone!

Fact: One of our new clients this month is saving 63% on their monthly job posting spend!

About the Author:

Mike O’Brien is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Mingle, LLC that owns CatalystFive.

Double Special Secret Job Board Probation…

Screenshot 2015-08-26 16.19.49This is big.

But we can’t tell you.

All we can say is that your jobs now have another 23mm job seekers looking at them, oh yeah and they are premium job postings.  Give us a call now find great candidates at 75% of the cost 1-800-460-7121!


PS: We would also like to welcome some new clients:

BestExec – A Massachusetts based executive recruiting firm

Cheers Sunglasses – A start-up that created sunglasses with a twist!

Lobos Driving Academy – Truck Drivers are in Demand!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Screenshot 2015-07-23 12.58.59It has been a great year so far for CatalystFive!  We are up over 200% since January and continuing to trend upward and onward.  We would like to welcome some of our new clients and share their fresh new careers sites!

It each case we have been able to quickly deploy a career site that matches the look of feel of the companies we work with and improved their candidate experience.  We also enable them to collect resumes all year long, even if they do not have jobs posted.


Do Job Posting Titles Matter?

Screenshot 2015-05-13 10.14.15The answer is an emphatic YES.  As a matter of fact, they matter more than the job description. Period.  This is true for two main reasons,  the first is in the way machines handle the search queries and the second is how humans scan and review results.

The goal of the job title is to show up in results for the right candidates while engaging them enough to click through and review the rest of the job description.  You need to strike a careful balance to satisfy both kings.   Stuffing the job posting title with too many keywords (to show up in more results) can lead to lower engagement from candidate who are reviewing the search results.  The opposite is also true, being too ambiguous or clever in the the job posting title can land you at the bottom of search results where your exposer to a candidate pool is diminished.

Strike a Balance

The major search engines place a higher value on keywords that in the job posting title vs the job description.  You should be able to distill the requirements for the role down to a few keywords that relate to the role. Additionally, adding in some information that speaks to the jobs uniqueness engages users; “this is a job for me” vs. “this is a job for anyone.”  Do a search on a few jobs boards and see how many job posting titles are exactly the same.    With a little effort you will be able to improve you candidate quality and quantity.

For example:

Title:  Software Engineer II     <- Boring and lacks skills necessary for the job

Title: Software Engineer – PHP/MYSQL New Product   <- provides some additional keywords and tells them that they will be working on something exciting and new.

Title:  Software Engineer – PHP/MYSQL New Product – San Diego <- Adding a location in the job posting title helps with search query scoring and gives the user some important information.  (our CatalystFive job posting software helps you automatically build job titles and tweets!)



You should spend 5 to 10 minutes on creating a job title that engages the user and improves search results.  This is time well spent and should help improve your process!


Your Fired – 3 Rules to Prevent “Firing Pains”

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company and it is your job to make sure that they are productive, happy and engaged.  When you have to fire some one, there is a shifting of responsibility.  The same amount of work remains, however, in many cases the load is increased on the employees that produce the most.  Interestingly, this is typically the owners or those employees who are most invested.

If the increased workload caused by the employee was fired continues for too long, it takes many happy employees and makes them feel overworked and burns them out rather quickly.  Having an action plan to replace the missing employee is key to reducing the pain.   We refer to these pains as, “Firing Pains”.

1) Prevent the Problem: Know your staff – like all relationships in life we have ups and downs.  The key to employees is understanding where in the cycle they are.  This is very important when it comes to your key employees.  Check in with them often.  Know when they going long before they do.  What life events are “happening to them” and how do you expect them to react to it.  You need to know if they are getting married, their Uncle is extremely sick or their sister is having children a baby.

In most cases simply talking to them makes them feel engaged.  Listening to their where they are in their life helps you identify if they are are at risk to leave.  It also lets you know if you they can be saved or if you need to start recruiting their replacement.  Either way, you will be more informed.

2) Always be Recruiting:  For small and mid market businesses this is often very difficult due to the fact that they often to not have a dedicated person who is responsible for managing the employment brand and bringing the new blood.  At a larger company, there are Recruiters dedicated to college recruiting, diversity recruiting and general outreach.  At small and mid market businesses it is often a function of another person’s role.  The good news is that in the electronic age it is very possible to quickly deploy a year round recruiting strategy.

The first step is to add a career page to your website that accepts resumes and establishes or enhances your career brand.  This can be done using our CatalystFive Career Sites (and it’s free with our normal account).   Once you are able to accept resumes, create a simple employment brand message that outlines the types of people that you love to work with and who you are always interested to speak with about employment opportunities.  You would be surprised how many people would love to hear more about working with your company!

3) Great Communication:  We can all agree that great employees make great companies. The truth is that most companies do not spend enough time Recruiting the right candidate.  This is mainly due to the process they use to recruit. It is simply to short and is confined to one strategy, posting jobs.

Attracting the right candidates means that you need to engage them in the method they are most comfortable.  Simply adding a statement like, “We are always looking for exceptional Web Developers” on your email communications to employees and customers will reach a new pool of candidates.  This can be done year round.

Most companies have a social media strategy that builds the Sales Brand.  Adding in some tweets, posts and updates that are centric to the people behind the company helps build a company that is the “Employer of Choice” where top talent wants to work.  Updating social media with awards you have won, individual performance successes and community involvement furthers an employment brand that is engaged with their employees.  This proves the company is holding up their end of employment relationship.

Bottom Line:

Great people want to work for great companies.  The only way for them to know you are great is to have great outreach and a strong employment brand.